HQ Systems Corp. Summer Team Building 2014 @ Forrest Club, Los Banos, Laguna!

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alternate textLast April 16th, we had our 2014 Summer Team Building and Corporate Outing. It was a whole day event at the Forest Club Eco Resort—the day consisted of fun and games including a 400 meter canopy walk which allowed us to appreciate the beauty of nature, swimming games and a crazy mud crawl!

We were also able to strengthen our bond as a corporate team through the Forest Club’s fun games which helped us learn how to depend on each other and become more reliable so that we can help our colleagues.

The games included an obstacle course, a balloon relay, having to cross a stream while balancing on a tight rope and trying to get through a makeshift spider web and finally, a really crazy mud crawl!

Slide4 (The photos above are courtesy of the Forest Eco Club—thank you.)

We were able to come together as a team and face the Forest Club challenges as one unit. After all the fun and games, we were able to relax by the poolside—which features one of Laguna’s natural hot springs. All-in-all, the day was a nice breath of fresh air which helped us recharge for the busy weeks to come!Slide3 (1)


HQ Systems Holds Corporate Bowling & Buffet Championship Event

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Last August 26th, HQ Systems Corp held a fun, though emotionally-charged corporate bowling and buffet championship event. Held at the Makati Cinema Square Bowling Alley and the Makati Shangri-la Circles Buffet.Blah


First off, we headed over to the bowling alley at Makati Cinema Square. Here, we held the HQ Championships! We were divided into 3 teams, all of whom competed for the title of HQ Champion Bowler! This was even more fun because none of us were especially good at bowling, making it a real challenge: no one knew who would win!We played a total of three games and each time was riveting: who would end up winning? Who would take home the title of HQ Champion! In the end, Sir Dave and Ms. Ani ended up being the champions of HQ bowling. We were all very (pleasantly) surprised when it turned out that all of us had gifts! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from being in HQ, it’s that everyone is a winner.


BlahAfter three games, everyone was really hungry. Ms. Ani and Sir Dave told us that we were going to be in for a treat—little did we know that when Ms. Ani told us earlier that day to “eat lunch early”, what she meant was “because tonight, you’re going to eat a lot of food”.


From Makati Cinema Square, we relocated to the Makati Shangri-la Hotel where dinner was held. We were treated to the glorious Circles Buffet which featured amazing cuisine from all over the world. More than just a great dinner (because at this point, we really would’ve eaten anything), what was more important was that we were able to bond as a team. The dinner was a great opportunity for us to spend time with the entire HQ Systems Corp family.


The night culminated with two very heart-warming speeches from Sir Dave and Ms. Ani which had us sitting teary-eyed while munching on sushi. We were also able to meet Mr. Ruslan and his family.


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We were able to become a great team and learn a lot of great values from them about what it means to work hard, be honest and always be responsible for your tasks.